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surya kriya

Surya Kriya for Empowerment

With Susan Whitehead

The Surya Kriya (Sun Kriya) is named after the energy of the sun. When you have a lot of “sun energy,” you do not get cold; you are energetic, expressive, extroverted and enthusiastic. Sun is the energy of purification. It holds the weight down and aids digestion….

Kundalini Yoga Meditation for Healing Addictions

Meditation to Break Addictions

With Kathryn McCusker

 According to yogic science, mental and physical addictions are created by an imbalance around the stem of the pineal gland in the centre of the brain. The imbalance in the pineal gland upsets its pulsation and this pulsation regulates the pituitary gland, which regulates the rest of the glands…

week 3

First Trimester Week 8

With Kwali Kumara

This week’s practice is extremely helpful and will serve you well in your role as family matriarch. Your children must see you as a pillar of strength, a lighthouse that burns brightly and consistently so that they can always steer their way through any darkness with the light you shine.


DETOX with Green Diet & Kundalini Yoga

Mariya’s New Book

Mariya’s new DETOX book is now out on Amazon in paperback and Kindle!  Search ‘Mariya Gancheva DETOX with Green Diet’ from wherever you are in the world and pick yourself up a copy.  Leave a review if you wish!

Clinically proven
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prevent Alzheimer


What are people saying about us

Feeling better

“I am finding that after 24 days of Kundalini yoga every day, I’m feeling better, without a doubt!. “

– Jennifer, KL member

Well-balanced energy

“I look forward to doing these sessions every day. Even when I have no energy, I go for it because the sense of wellbeing I feel afterwards is energizing to my spirit. A well-balanced energy that leaves me feeling calm and good.”

-Yamilka, KL member

Relaxed and motivated

“I’ve always shied away from Kundalini, but now I know there is benefit to becoming ultra relaxed and working with the breath.
I’ve seen an increase in my metabolism.”

-Nelly, KL member

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