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Kundalini Yoga for Prosperity and Abundance

Money Magnetism- Part 2

With Harriet Emily

In part two we will continue our practice with our kriya, and then meditate on the Har mantra. In this class we will connect to the driving and creative force of the universe so that we can really command our dreams and our desires into action. We will connect to the true power of creativity and really begin to set our intentions into motion.

self assessment

Meditation for Self Assessment

With Mariya Gancheva

This meditation causes you to assess how well you have coordinated actions and words. If you have not done this, there will be a duality in personality that you will experience as conflict. We need to assess ourselves in this manner all the time, until the mind is trained to say only what is true. Then you can know the depth of the self and the unlimited creativity of the finite in relation to the Infinite in the personality and existence of the human being.

Kundalini Yoga for Pregnancy

Trimester 3- Week 39

With Kwali Kumara

As the big day draws nearer it’s quite likely that you will be feeling a whole ray of mixed emotions. Excitement, nervousness, anxiety and possibly even fear. If it’s your first baby then the fear of the unknown will be prominent but equally if you are already a seasoned mum you will have experience of what lies ahead and that can create an equal amount of tension as you know what it takes to bring forth life. It is the greatest gift in the world to be able to bear a child but it is also one of the most challenging experiences a human being can undergo as each baby has its own karma and will come into the world exactly how there soul has chosen too. It is completely out of our control and  no matter how much prayer and meditation you do to prepare yourself you just never know how it will be until that day arrives. 


DETOX with Green Diet & Kundalini Yoga

Mariya’s New Book

Mariya’s new DETOX book is now out on Amazon in paperback and Kindle!  Search ‘Mariya Gancheva DETOX with Green Diet’ from wherever you are in the world and pick yourself up a copy.  Leave a review if you wish!

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“Thank you, Mariya and the Kundalini Lounge team! I’ve been practicing Kundalini Yoga every day for the last six months since I became a member. Kundalini Yoga has changed my life! I am feeling calmer, more energized, and peaceful. I love the variety of classes and teachers. There is a class for everything I would ever need!”

– Jennifer, KL member

Well-balanced energy

“I look forward to doing these sessions every day. Even when I have no energy, I go for it because the sense of wellbeing I feel afterwards is energizing to my spirit. A well-balanced energy that leaves me feeling calm and good.”

-Yamilka, KL member

Relaxed and motivated

“I’ve always shied away from Kundalini, but now I know there is benefit to becoming ultra relaxed and working with the breath.
I’ve seen a marked increase in my mood, strength, energy levels, and metabolism. I love Kundalini Yoga!”

-Nelly, KL member

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