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For the Upper Body, Neck & Shoulders

For the Upper Body, Neck & Shoulders

With Guru Dharam

This is a wonderful sequence for anybody who has a sedentary occupation: it will loosen up your upper body, release the local musculature and stimulate the flow of healing pranic force.

Trimester 2- Week 14

Trimester 2 – Week 14

With Kwali Kumara

This week’s kriya is a fabulous sequence for you to practice anytime throughout your pregnancy as it covers a wide range of postures that are all very helpful to your evolving body. The kriya is called…

Balance the mind

Balance the Mind

With Natalia Sayers

This class helps to balance two hemispheres of the brain and bring it to the state of wakeful alertness. You will breathe differently, exist differently and start to eliminate disease from the body…


DETOX with Green Diet & Kundalini Yoga

Mariya’s New Book

Mariya’s new DETOX book is now out on Amazon in paperback and Kindle!  Search ‘Mariya Gancheva DETOX with Green Diet’ from wherever you are in the world and pick yourself up a copy.  Leave a review if you wish!

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Clinically proven
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What are people saying about us

Feeling better

“I am finding that after 24 days of Kundalini yoga every day, I’m feeling better, without a doubt!. “

– Jennifer, KL member

Well-balanced energy

“I look forward to doing these sessions every day. Even when I have no energy, I go for it because the sense of wellbeing I feel afterwards is energizing to my spirit. A well-balanced energy that leaves me feeling calm and good.”

-Yamilka, KL member

Relaxed and motivated

“I’ve always shied away from Kundalini, but now I know there is benefit to becoming ultra relaxed and working with the breath.
I’ve seen an increase in my metabolism.”

-Nelly, KL member

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