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Meditation with the Mantra for Self Assessment

Meditation for Self Reflection

With Harriet Emily

This meditation, using the mantra Gobinda Hari, brings emotional healing, removes all worries, gives relief from pains and gives strength to bear any adversity. It allows you to tune with your inner silence and experience Oneness with the Creator. As you meditate on these words, you develop your own understanding.

Kundalini Yoga for Aura, Magnetic Field and Heart Center

For Aura, Magnetic Field and Heart Centre

With Raghurai Singh

This class includes two short kriyas that will help develop your aura and magnetic field, and open the heart centre. The first kriya develops your nerve strength and aura. It has been used to initiate students into the deeper ‘mysteries’ and effects of Kundalini Yoga. The set includes spinal and leg stretches to focus the mind and open up the lungs and heart.

Kundalini Yoga for Pregnancy

Trimester 3- Week 38

With Kwali Kumara

With only a couple of weeks to go it is quite likely that you are not sleeping at all well carrying around your heavy wide load.. Even with the comfort of a pregnancy pillow, I’m sure your body is finding a way of training you up for lots of sleepless nights. Constant visits to the bathroom, coupled with vivid dreams, sweats and the dreaded pregnancy cramps, that always seem to kick in just when you have finally fallen asleep.


DETOX with Green Diet & Kundalini Yoga

Mariya’s New Book

Mariya’s new DETOX book is now out on Amazon in paperback and Kindle!  Search ‘Mariya Gancheva DETOX with Green Diet’ from wherever you are in the world and pick yourself up a copy.  Leave a review if you wish!

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Feeling better

“Thank you, Mariya and the Kundalini Lounge team! I’ve been practicing Kundalini Yoga every day for the last six months since I became a member. Kundalini Yoga has changed my life! I am feeling calmer, more energized, and peaceful. I love the variety of classes and teachers. There is a class for everything I would ever need!”

– Jennifer, KL member

Well-balanced energy

“I look forward to doing these sessions every day. Even when I have no energy, I go for it because the sense of wellbeing I feel afterwards is energizing to my spirit. A well-balanced energy that leaves me feeling calm and good.”

-Yamilka, KL member

Relaxed and motivated

“I’ve always shied away from Kundalini, but now I know there is benefit to becoming ultra relaxed and working with the breath.
I’ve seen an increase in my metabolism.”

-Nelly, KL member

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