Universal Partners with Guru Rattana

Universal Partners with Guru Rattana

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The Universe operates through the dance of polarities. One energy is stable. The other energy is flowing.

Our soul operates in our human body with the same basic energies. Both energies must express their higher nature to experience harmony within ourselves.

When the polarities do not express at their optimum level, we cannot find inner peace. When the polarities reverse roles, we experience stress and inner conflict.

In this workshop we will:

-Identify how and why our primal energies are in conflict
-Cultivate the optimal expression of both polarities
-Subdue interference patterns and elevate these energies
-Reverse the internal dysfunction to cultivate inner peace

There is a magic formula!

 We awaken to the powers of the stable polarity with neutrality, awareness, and consciousness.

 We awaken to the powers of the flowing polarity by relaxing into and feeling the rhythm in our physical and emotional bodies.

 We awaken to Self and Divine Love when the polarities meet and embrace in our heart.

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