Heal Yourself, Heal the World with Ajeet Kaur

Heal Yourself, Heal the World with Ajeet Kaur

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Yoga and chanting have an incredible capacity to open us in profound ways, to peel away the layers of fear and hesitation, opening us to the essence of who we are. Part of dwelling in that truth is finding our own unique way of living in service, of carrying the healing we receive from our practice out into the world. As yogis, we live in an active state of compassion. We practice yoga to have the courage and strength to live with an open heart and serve others.

Join Ajeet Kaur and her band for an experience of Kundalini Yoga, live music and deep reflection to tap into the most genuine way for your soul to live as a healing presence.

This event was presented by JOY and held at One KX London.

A rising star in the world of sacred chant, Ajeet Kaur is a musician, yogi, healer, and teacher. Growing up in a musical and spiritual home, she discovered sacred music and yoga at a young age. Her love of music has lead her around the world to study traditional Indian and Irish music, along with other folk traditions and western musical styles. Ajeet Kaur blends the healing power of ancient mantras with a fresh and unique contemporary style.

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