Create Brilliance & Prosper with Jot Singh Khalsa

Create Brilliance & Prosper with Jot Singh Khalsa

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Each of us brings uniqueness to our livesWhen we can honor that, having our individuality be attractive and exceptional, we become an important asset and blessing to our environments. Through a steady Kundalini Yoga practice, we can drop our self-doubt and further discover, refine and develop our unique gifts. We can empower ourselves and enable a pathway to bring forth exceptional things, to prosper ourselves and all close to us.

Yogi Bhajan, who brought this sacred science to the world at large, said ‘ it takes pressure to make the diamond ’. We’ll apply a bit of that pressure by doing a specific yoga set and meditations for creativity. These will help you identify and recall what people have told you, you are wonderful at, where you know you excel and have capabilities. We’ll also sit in small groups and discuss the possibilities that will help you discern which elements of your gifts may be most feasible to develop into something that will start (or continue) yourabundance cycle!

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