Why Inflammation is Dangerous


[ an excerpt from Mariya’s book DETOX with Green Diet and Kundalini Yoga ]

Why Inflammation is Dangerous

It has been known for some time now that what all main degenerative conditions, including brain disorders, share is inflammation.

Inflammation causes intestinal permeability, allowing not only the nutrients but also the unwanted matter you have consumed to enter the bloodstream, and thus intoxicate the body. The border between the cells in the gut and the gut wall loosens up, something called ‘leaky gut’. Gluten can further aggravate this as it stimulates a protein called zonulin, which on its own increases the permeability of the gut. Such a condition can escalate into an autoimmune disorder.

In his book, Grain Brain: The Surprising Truth about Wheat, Carbs, and Sugar — Your Brain’s Silent Killers, Dr. David Perlmutter argues that the cause of dementia and brain damage stems from the food we eat. “Modern grains are silently destroying your brain.” He argues that fruit and other carbohydrates could have far-reaching consequences on our health and accelerate the aging process from the inside out.

And now more and more research points toward high-carbohydrate and gluten diets as main instigators of that inflammation that reaches the brain. As Perlmutter explains, what is more disturbing is that we often don’t know when our brains are being affected as it is hard to feel, while a digestive disorder and food allergies are much easier to spot when the symptoms of bloating, constipation, etc. appear. The brain simply does not have any pain receptors, so we cannot feel inflammation in the brain. But the connection of inflammation to brain disease (Parkinson, multiple sclerosis, epilepsy, Alzheimer’s, depression) should be well emphasized and understood

When exposed to the stomach enzyme pepsin and hydrochloric acid, gluten gets decomposed to polypeptides. These polypeptides were found to have the ability to penetrate the barrier between the blood and the brain. Once penetrated the brain, these wheat polypeptides then bind to the brain’s morphine receptor, similar to drugs, thus being dubbed as exorphins (exogenous, morphine-like compounds).

Note: white carbs are the worst: white bread, pasta, biscuits and pastries, cereals, white rice, white potatoes, etc.

Gancheva, Mariya. Detox: with Green Diet and Kundalini Yoga: The 40 Day Program for Cleansing, Weight-loss and Radiance (Page 47). . Kindle Edition.

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  • Margarita Miteva 12 months ago

    I bought the book some time ago. After reading it I decided to do it! Followed the guidelines in the book and the kriyas for each day.
    It is transormational! It is the best present I have ever received! It changed my life! Not only did I lose 10kg of physical weight, but I also lost tons of emotional weight and anxiety. Now I feel happy, rejuvenated and balanced!
    All programs and videos an this website are awesome. However, DETOX with Green Diet and Kundalini Yoga is the basic,the core, the fundamental one!
    From now on, I intend to do it every year in the autumn!

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