Warming Spinach Soup

spinach soup

This creamy dairy-free spinach soup is truly delicious and healthy. Packed with vitamins and iron, itis a great one for a cold day or when you just need something warming and hearty.

500g spinach leaves
1 zucchini, chopped
1 onion, chopped
1 stalk celery, chopped
2-3 cloves garlic, chopped
2 tablespoons coconut oil
1/2 cup almond milk
Salt& pepper

Heat coconut oil in a saucepan and saute onions and garlic with a pinch of salt.
Add spinach, celery, and zucchini and cook for about 5 minutes.
Add water and bring the soup to a boil. Simmer for about 10-15 minutes.
Puree with a hand blender and add almond milk. Let it simmer for 5-10 minutes.
Serve with fresh spinach.


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