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So Darshan Chakra Kriya

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Published on 7th June 2015 by

Sodarshan Chakra Kriya is a powerful meditation, and meant to be the “highest kriya”, it cuts through all darkness. This meditation clears the subconscious mind and helps to clear trauma. It is also beneficial for depression, and helps to build discipline, inner strength and confidence.

Sitting in easy pose, focus your gaze at the tip of the nose.
Close the right nostril with the right thumb, inhale deeply through the left nostril.
Holding the breath, begin to pump the navel in and out while you mentally chant Wahe Guru, one pump on Wa, another on He and a third time on Guru. So the navel is being pumped 3 times with the mantra.
Mentally recite this mantra 16 times (ideally), so the navel will be pumped 48 times in total.
After the 16 recitations, close the left nostril with your index finger and then exhale the right.
Begin again by inhaling deeply through the right nostril. Recite the mantra 16 times again.
Continue 3 – 11 minutes, building the time up slowly to 31 or even up to 62 minutes.
To finish, inhale deeply, hold the breath in for a few moments, then exhale. Then inhale deeply, raise the arms above the head, and shake the arms, the head, the torso, the legs, exhale and relax the arms down.

[Guru Shabad Singh’s version of Wahe Guru can be used to accompany this meditation]

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