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Love, Intimacy & Relationships_Part 3

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Published on 4th October 2015 by

This is the final lecture from our series on Love & Relationships with Shiv Charan Singh.

In this final lecture, Shiv helps us understand the three natural qualities that form any relationship: intimacy, attachment and passion. He shares his reflections on how these features might take different forms in different relationships. We can define our relationships in terms of these qualities and adjust their dynamics by levelling the qualities. We often live in our own story we create, in our beliefs of the world’s order and the high expectations we hold of others. Understanding the three basic qualities and the dynamics between them helps us stay more aware of the nature of our relationships with people, be they intimate, work-related, family, or social.

There are two types of LOVE we experience in every relationship. We have the worldly contract love, whereby we agree to uphold certain scenarios and responsibilities. Second, there is the unconditional love, the kind we simply cannot explain or rationalise, because it comes from our higher Self, it is the spiritual love. This latter unconditional love is a one-way flow from the giver to the taker. We must be aware of this. Loving consciously with awareness would mean choosing whether you are the giver or the taker and sticking with it, without expecting the other person to change as you see fit. It is important to identify and accept our role in a spiritual love and bring more of our acceptance into the interaction between you and others, as this helps solve conflicts in an authentic relationship and clears space for a natural unburdened partnership through life.

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