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Lifestyle for the Future with Shiv Charan Singh and Satya Kaur

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Published on 26th May 2016 by

Join master teachers Shiv Charan Singh and Satya Kaur for this lecture on the lifestyle of the future. Tap into the wisdom of these esteemed master Kundalini teachers to learn how to life your best life possible, a lifestyle that includes Kundalini Yoga, and one that will change you forever, taking you into the future as a more actualized version of yourself with considerations of community living, and ashram life.



  • Markus Bergmann 1 year ago

    Thank you for sharing that video

  • Stefan 2 years ago

    Dear Engin, I have the same remarks as Paramjeet; I have a very good internet connection, but this video interrupts most of the time. Please check this out, it would be fine to get this problem fixed. Thanks! Stefan Sukhnam Singh

    • EnginK
      EnginK 2 years ago

      Dear Stefan, thank you for your message. I’ll look into this right away.

  • Generosa Batista 3 years ago

    Sat Nam, thank you for the wonderful teachings.
    Sukc Sangat Kaur

  • EnginK
    EnginK 3 years ago

    Sat Nam Paramjeet Singh. Some of our videos are really large to ensure great quality so they do take some time to load. Google Chrome works best with these videos. Please try to open the video in Chrome and see if that helps. If not, I’ll get our IT look into it. Blessings

  • Paramjeet Singh 3 years ago

    Sat Nam, I cannot watch this video without many interruptions. So I couldn’t see more than the first 15 minutes really. It doesn’t buffer properly. That’s sad as I really like to see it. Is there any technical support to solve this problem? Thank you. PJS

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