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Headaches Part 1- Treatment

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Published on 8th June 2015 by

Treatment for headaches:

Before practising this Kundalini practise

Drink a big glass of water
Splash water over your face and your eyes and then massages your earlobes, ears and temples
Run cold water over your feet for up to 10 minutes

Firstly bring the shoulders up towards your ears inhaling, and on the exhale relax the shoulders down. Then do head rolls, bringing the right ear towards the right shoulder, inhaling taking the head back, then as the left ear rolls towards the left shoulder, exhale and take the chin down towards the chest, continuing the circular motion of the head. Change direction after 2 minutes. Relax chin down to chest, hold it briefly. Next push the thumbs into the cheeks bones for one minute, a pressure point that helps to relieve tension in the head. It should feel sensitive when you are on the right spot. Now lie on your back, keep arms resting by side, tuck chin into the sternum and hold the head up, close the eyes and begin long deep breathing. The pressure you are feeling in the front of the neck is helping to relieve the tension in the back of the neck and head. Continue for 3 minutes. Relax the whole body completely.

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