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Day 6: Breathing_Part 3- Beginners Program

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Published on 24th April 2017 by

Welcome to Day 6 of the Beginners Program! In the third part of the breathing set, Mariya is going to talk about another essential breathing technique used in Kundalini Yoga: alternate nostril breathing. Left nostril breathing is associated with calming and relaxing breath, whereas right nostril breathing is more strong and powerful. When you do alternate nostril breathing, it balances left and right hemispheres of the brain and settles the mind, body, and emotions.

This class is part of the Beginners Program

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  • Angelika Ortwein 1 year ago

    Dear Mariya,
    I like your Videos and your way of teaching… I made the 40days weightloss challange with you and since than I am into Kundalini Yoga… thank you for your gift and your willingness to teach and share you are one of a Kind
    Light and Love, Angelika

    • mariya 1 year ago

      Sat Nam Angelika,thank you for your lovely words. It is great to hear you found Kundalini Yoga and that you are enjoying it. Keep it up and keep in touch. Blessings, Mariya x

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