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Beaming & Creating the Future

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Published on 7th June 2015 by

Kriya for Beaming & Creating the Future. A powerful meditation.

Sitting in easy pose in gyan mudra (index finger and thumb touching). Become very still and quiet. Inhale deeply through the lips, and exhale through the nose. Make the breath deep and slow, and inwards to your inner stillness. Continue for 7 minutes – 11 minutes. To finish inhale deeply, hold the breath, as you hold the breath meditate on Zero, think that “all is Zero, each thought is Zero, my pain is Zero”. Meditate on all negative situations, and then bring it into Zero. Then Exhale. Inhale deeply again, and exhale, just continue to breath easily and slowly and meditate on the Zero. Continue for 7 – 11 minutes. To finish inhale deeply and hold the breath, choose one word, a quality you want you to bring into your life, and hold that word that thought, and beam that quality. When you need to exhale. Inhale, repeating, hold the breath, beam that word, that quality, think of what it will bring into your life. Stay focused, beam it into the infinite. Create your future! Continue for 7 – 11 minutes. To finish inhale and hold the breath in, start to move the shoulders, then raise the arms up, inhale deeply and stretch the arms, exhale relax.

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  • Elle Raji 7 months ago

    Satnam. Appreciate if all kriyas demonstrated here in this website has the original kriya names ( eg, Sat Kriya, Abhaya Kriya etc) are mentioned on each of the videos for easy referencing instead of just having the english version of the names/meaning mentioned. Thank you.

    • Kundalini Lounge
      Kundalini Lounge 6 months ago

      Hi Elle, thank you for your suggestion. We will try to include original kriya names in the description of the videos. Blessings.

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