The Inner Sun with Charanpal Kaur

The Inner Sun with Charanpal Kaur

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The Inner Sun, brought to you by Kundalini Lounge and world-renowned yoga teacher, Charanpal Kaur, delivers a complete workout that will boost your immune system from the inside, out. In this six-part series, you will be guided through meditations and techniques to purify the bloodstream, cleanse the organs, bring more vital oxygen into the body, and feel impervious to the harmful pollutants and toxins that are rampant in our environment. Immunity starts from within. When you grant yourself the power to reach a state of internal radiance, you grant yourself a disease-free existence.

This series is open to practitioners of all levels. It will challenge the experienced yogi, and introduce invaluable techniques to the novice. Feeling dynamic and full of energy is everyone’s birthright. Start this powerful series and reap the rewards of a healthy, vibrant life today.

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