Sacred Pregnancy- First Trimester with Kwali Kumara

Sacred Pregnancy- First Trimester with Kwali Kumara

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Experience the journey of motherhood with heightened consciousness and awareness alongside mother-to-be Kwali Kumara with her Kundalini Yoga for Sacred Pregnancy Series, available exclusively on KundaliniLounge.com!

  •  Practice each week with different classes specifically designed for each stage of pregnancy
  • Reduce stress, tension, and nervousness while improving you and your baby’s health
  • Raise your energetic vibration and radiance with powerful Kundalini kriyas and meditations
  • Cultivate deep stillness and focused intention for a beautiful and enlightening birthing experience


Welcome to ‘Sacred Pregnancy Series ‘. I’m Kwali Kumara I have already experienced the birth of my beautiful son Kosmo who is now a bright and happy toddler and I am blessed to be bringing another soul into the world when i come to birth my second child that I am honored to be carrying.

I will be sharing this experience with you on this magical journey of pregnancy.

Over the next 40 weeks, we will expand both our consciousness and our bellys as we flex, meditate and chant together. 

In my experience It is a magical gift from God to be able to bring forth life, every baby is a miracle sent from the heavenly realms to be your most precious creation and your most transformational teacher.

This course has been designed especially for you on your journey of motherhood using the technology of kundalini yoga, adapted by the master Yogi Bhajan himself to give you what he called a conscious pregnancy. Every week I will share with you a new practice to perform ideally every day for a whole week if possible but even if you just manage to do each session once or twice with me it will be of great service to you and your baby. Some weeks we will have more physical kriyas but mostly the course will focus on meditations as these will be the most beneficial to you both and give you the internal strength, courage, and calm required to be a Supreme Ma Ha Shakti goddess, divine mother.

On the weeks where we are just meditating feel free to use one of the more physical kriyas from previous weeks to warm up with if you would like to be more physical and if you really enjoy one of the sessions then continue with it as long as you like or use it after you have given birth to sustain your stamina. This technology is yours now to do with as wish and use it as your source of inspiration and relaxation to become the best most divine mother that you can be from this day forth.

If you are not familiar with some of the mantras used then you may wish to just listen and drink in the sound current as it will still work its magic on you even if you choose not to chant,  however if you wish to be bold and just mumble on through and do the best you can you will actually surprise yourself at how quickly you can pick them up and do not worry about getting anything wrong the guru understands that mistakes will happen in the beginning as this is how we learn! Just dive in and do your best and the universe will do the rest!

Due to the immense amount of technology I am sharing with you and the digital format, not every week will have a deep relaxation .so please take one from the other earlier sessions or just lay down and listen to your favorite calming music to make sure you always integrate the work you have done after every session.

Remember savasana relaxation is the most important part of your yoga practice especially while you are pregnant and housing a life inside.

The last thing to mention is that you must nurture yourself through the series and only do what you can it’s fine to ease in and out of challenging meditations and postures, it’s also very important to stretch your legs regularly to increase your circulation and of course last but not least keep yourself hydrated and sustained with high vibration wholesome food. You are baking the most wonderful cake in the world so be sure to use the right ingredients!! Healthy food, Happy thoughts and a Holy practice!

Wha hey guru!!!

Lots of love and blessings to you both

Kwali Kumara 


Sat Nam ladies and huge congratulations on your happy news. It is my intention to guide you through a practice that will give you the most bountiful, beautiful and blissful pregnancy you could ever hope to have. I pray that with the grace of the Guru this will culminate in a magnificent and ecstatic birth for you both.

This will be up to you God and the karma of the soul who has chosen you as their mother but if you manage to perform this series you will be preparing yourself in the best way possible to know that you have done all you can to be ready for the big arrival of your special delivery.

The most important thing to remember in this first Trimester is to take it easy! It is the most delicate time and your body is at its most sensitive …while integrating all the magic involved in growing a baby you will be experiencing all sorts of changes and challenges. Your body is already performing the great Kriya of creating another human being so please be gentle with yourself. This is not the time to push yourself in life or in your yoga practice!

Enjoy being able to take your foot of the gas, sit in your grace and enjoy the wonders of this precious time and the beauty of the moment. Stop and smell the roses for you are truly blessed.

In your service

Kwali Kumara 


If you enjoyed the music featured in this series and would like to listen to more of it and perhaps add them to your ‘giving birth playlist’ then please see below for links to purchase our CDs and downloads.

The majority of the instrumental music for this course has been lovingly provided by the magical duo ‘Anima’ they are internationally renowned for their luminous sacred music and profoundly healing soundscapes. I am blessed to call them soul family as myself and Daniela have been friends for over a decade and it is truly an honour to be in our first collaboration together, especially as their music is my personal favourite.

Deepest heartfelt gratitude to them both for agreeing to come on board this project to serve all the new souls coming to earth and all the mothers delivering them.

Anima are UK based duo, consisting of producer/ composer Ali Calderwood and vocalist/ songwriter Daniela Lanaia. They are dedicated practitioners, and composers of meditative and spiritually attuned soundscapes, pioneering new depths of healing through sound.


The uplifting music that includes kundalini mantra is created by myself and composer Pete Ardron who is also a dear friend for many years and has worked very hard to weave this project together musically to bring you the ultimate accompaniment for your practice. Each track on both our albums is made up of 11 minutes of mantra to accompany the various meditations, should you wish to perform any of them without the video guidance.

We hope you feel the love and energy that has been poured into all of these sacred sonics and that they create the perfect ambiance for you and your baby to enjoy each other.

Kwali Kumara

Pete Ardron

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