Sacred Pregnancy- Third Trimester with Kwali Kumara

Sacred Pregnancy- Third Trimester with Kwali Kumara

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Sat Nam ladies and congratulations you have made it to the final phase and that special delivery draws closer by the day! You may be experiencing a dip in energy and a possible loss of your pregnancy glow as your baby is soaking up as much goodness from you as it can. Be sure to be eating well and getting as much sleep as possible! A pregnancy pillow is your best friend at this time and for me was the difference between a night of no rest at all and a night of glorious delicious sleep! Your body will no doubt feel heavy and cumbersome and maybe swollen in places so put your feet up and rest as much as you can, meditate and chant with me to keep your spirits up and read all those wonderful conscious birthing books that you have been gifted. If you haven’t already got a lady in waiting or doula helping you through your pregnancy and you want one for your birth, then now is the time to make sure you find her. If you decide not to opt for a professional doula then decide on who you would most like to be with you as a birthing partner to empower you at the magical event of your child’s Birth-day! I also highly recommend you explore the idea of consuming your placenta, although this is relatively unheard of in modern society it is an ancient practice that we share with the animal kingdom, it is now being recognised more and more for its benefits and speaking from experience it can literally beat away those baby blues and give you a huge boost of energy at a time when you need it most. If like me, you have been vegetarian for the best part of your life you may wish to opt for an encapsulation service check out the website ‘www.placentapractice.co.uk‘ for more information from my highly recommended practitioner.

The last thing to mention is that it is a custom in this lineage of kundalini yoga that the first forty days of your babies life are spent in the aura of its parents, it is said to be one of the greatest gifts you can give to your child! I like to call this period your ‘baby moon’ like a spiritual honeymoon with your child where you can all bond and nurture each other and bliss out in your new family unit. It may not always be completely practical due to work commitments etc but I strongly recommend giving it your best shot as it is laying the foundations of your child’s future and installing into its cells that it is secure with parents who are fully committed and ready to serve. It makes for a wonderfully confident self-assured child who knows they are both safe and loved.

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