Sacred Pregnancy- Second Trimester with Kwali Kumara

Sacred Pregnancy- Second Trimester with Kwali Kumara

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Sat Nam ladies congratulations for making it through the trickiest part of your pregnancy. The sickness and tiredness will be easing up and you will now start to feel energy flooding back into your body! Wahe Guru! It is quite likely that your cheeks and skin will be starting to glow with that effervescent radiant light that emanates from a mum to be.

Two beautiful souls are brighter than one after all. In this particular tradition we celebrate the new soul committing to live as a human being and coming to nest in your womb on the 120th day of your pregnancy which is around week 16, this occasion is marked with a sacred ceremony that involves the celebration of your baby and an honoring of its mother. This is organized by the babies father and close friends rather like a spiritual baby shower involving chanting dancing and the offering of sacred gifts, prayers and promises to the new soul by all the people who will be opening their hearts to love it when he or she arrives on this earthly plane.

This is also a time when you will be feeling ultra sensitive to the outside world as your warrior woman instincts will be heightened to protect the life growing inside so you may wish to wear a shuni ( long scarfs like mine in the video) this is also a tradition that we have that energetically protects the arc line that goes across your breasts that only women have, wearing a shuni adds an invisible Shield into your aura to offer a mystical layer of protection  to keep your precious baby’s energy safe!

You may also wish to use this shuni as a veil to cover your head when meditating to keep the main arcline over the crown of your head protected when entering into your sacred meditative space.

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