Mental Health Reboot with Mariya Gancheva

Mental Health Reboot with Mariya Gancheva

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Welcome to the Yoga for Mental Health 40 Day Reboot with Mariya Gancheva.

The 40 Day Kundalini Yoga Mental Health Reboot is a unique program that will not only help you remove blockages but also enhance your caliber in life. It works on all aspects of the mental realm from depression and anxiety, fear and addictions, shocks and emotional disbalance to dealing with trauma and stress. While it provides many tools to deal with specific aspects of our mental states, it is a great tool to rebalance and reboot our mental health and bring us into balance. It is a mental detox that will leave you
feeling elevated, relaxed and centered.

You will boost your confidence and courage to deal with the challenges in life. Whether you are stressed at work, at home or have suffered a sudden shock, this program will help you rebalance and gain back control of your life. You will embark on a very intimate journey of your inner being and will be able to progressively eliminate any blockages
you may currently have.

Each day you will practice yoga at home, and each day will be different kundalini yoga kriya or meditation with different intensity. This series is good for beginners as well as advanced practitioners. And the best part is that the kundalini yoga sets are modified to up to 30 min a day so you can practice no matter how busy your schedule is, and no matter where you are.


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  • Keeley Collett 5 days ago

    How do I download the material and calendar?
    Sat Nam

  • Pamela McRae 3 months ago

    I am so looking forward to participating in this program. The beauty of it is that I can do it at home first thing in the morning before I go to work. I am a doctor of psychology and a addictions therapist working an open men’s prison yard at a prison just outside of Phoenix, Arizona. Being mentally alert is imperative, but there are days that I have that mental fogginess, especially when temperatures reach past 100 degrees, and the barometric pressure changes! Energetically I feel it. I just completed the 11 day energy challenge and I feel amazing. I think this program will definitely be beneficial to me, if nothing else, I get to start my day on a positive note. Thank you Mariya for being such a light in the world!!! Blessings to all!!!

    • Kundalini Lounge
      Kundalini Lounge 3 months ago

      Dear Pamela, Mental Health Rebbot program is an amazing program to practice if you’re suffering from mental fogginess and concentration problems which might be quite common in your very demanding profession. The classes are 20-30 mins long so it is quite easy to practice in the morning to set the tone for the day. Hope you enjoy the program and let us know how you get on, please. Blessings x

  • anna ivanova 5 months ago

    Thank you so much for this lovely practice beautiful Mariya :))) Always such a pleasure and a treat to practice in your amazing warm and shiny presence!!! Thank you so much for creating Kundalini Lounge and the community! Sat Nam many blessings and much love!!! Looking forward to these 40 days with you :)))

  • Kay Millar 5 months ago

    Looking forward to this.

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