Meditation enhances our focus, changes our brain patterns, breaks habits, and brings quality and dignity to our lives.

Meditation is a process through which we become conscious. It is a state of being, a way to become at peace with your mind and soul, to reach the neutrality of your mind or simply to detach from the many thoughts that flood your brain at any given moment. It is a process through we which we become still; we connect to the infinite and we eliminate any external distractions that could take us out of a sense of connection and balance. It is also a personal discipline that takes practice and dedication.

The benefits of meditation are numerous and it is hard summarize or select just a few. Many scientific studies have shown that meditation is extremely effective at reducing stress, improving sleep, and creating a general sense of well-being in our lives. Perhaps the biggest benefit of all is something that cannot be measured empirically, however: the discovery as a human being that you are not alone, but part of something bigger. You realize this not through the thinking mind, but through the neutral mind, through the mind that is free from clusters of imposing thoughts and feelings. When the mind is crystal clear, you can see your soul, which is a divine and dignifying experience.

Meditation not only purifies the conscious mind, it can also purify the subconscious. We carry with us baggage from traumatic experiences in childhood and beyond, and even from past lives which remain in our karmic imprints. With meditation, we can not only discover and acknowledge these imprints, but also work on freeing ourselves from their burdens.

  • 3 minutes of meditation can affect your electromagnetic field,
  • 11 minutes of meditation starts to affect the nervous system,
  • 22 minutes of meditation balances the three minds,
  • 31 minutes of meditation synchronizes the breath, concentration, endocrine functions, and bring harmony throughout the body.
  • 62 minutes of meditation can change the grey matter in the brain.
  • 2.5 hours of meditation can alter the psyche and bring healing on a subconscious level.