About Kundalini Yoga

What is Yoga, its purpose and its benefits?

Yoga is a union, a relationship of the individual self and the Infinite. It is not a physical exercise to keep the body fit as it is commonly misunderstood. Yoga is a technology which gives us the ability to expand on our limitations, to realize our creative potential. By learning, practicing and experiencing, we gain true wisdom and discipline. It is a way to gain neutrality of the mind, while keeping the body healthy and expanding our self into Infinity.

What is Kundalini Yoga and the Kundalini energy?

Kundalini means awareness. Kundalini is a dormant energy of awareness which is blocked in muladhara, the 1st chakra. It is our creative potential. It is the spiritual nerve. When the Kundalini energy is dormant in us, we have a limited capacity and perspective. When awakened, we are fulfilled; we have unfolded our own nature, we have expanded the Self. We have awakened the soul!

Kundalini yoga is the supreme technology to awaken the awareness and unite us with Infinity; it is a technology of human consciousness. Kundalini Yoga teaches us how to be healthy by strengthening our immune and nervous systems. It calms the mind and develops intuition. It directly works on the flow of energy, which spirals up penetrating all the 8 chakras, making you one with your creative potential and protected from negative energy in your environment. It joins the prana –life force of the atom and apana- elimination energies at the naval point, thus bringing the Kundalini up the chakras and passing through the shushmuna, the central nerve.

How does Kundalini Yoga compare to the other types of yoga?

Kundalini Yoga is the fastest way to establish an alignment between mind, body and soul. There are 22 general types of yoga, each one with a specific focus. Some forms of yoga focus more on physical postures, such as Hatha Yoga. Others focus on sound such as Laya Yoga. To put it in a visual perspective, each form of yoga is a facet on a diamond, while Kundalini Yoga is the diamond. Thus, Kundalini Yoga gives the greatest transformative power than any of its individual facets. With proper concentration and mindset, you can transform yourself in 40-90 days, something which could take several years with other types of yoga. Historically, transmitted only to lines of kings, it has a long lineage spanning many thousands of years. It’s the highest yoga, one that is intended to suit everyday life and does not require us to withdraw from the world.

Kundalini Yoga is. . .

. . .is the uncoiling of the being.

. . .the potential of creativity of the Infinite in the finite.

. . .encompassing of all behaviour, leading to authentic happiness in life.

. . .super-humanly human.

. . .awakened intelligence

. . .grace.

. . .utmost compassionate being.

. . .Truth which radiates in every facet of life.

. . .a practical technology which can be taught and learned.