Kundalini Yoga Techniques To Fight Fatigue

1. Singh Praan Mudra- Pose of victory to the four Corners of Infinity

Sit on your heels with your arms stretched out to the sides at a sixty degree angle. The four fingers are on the mounds and the thumb is sticking out. Make sure your elbows are straight. Keep your mouth open and stick out your tongue. Pump your navel without making any sound with your breath- no breath of fire. Continue for 3 mins.

To finish: Inhale and hold your breath for 10 seconds while you continue to pump your navel and stretch your arms out from your shoulders as far as possible. Repeat this two more times.


2. To Get Out of Fatigue After Exertion

Get into cobra pose, stick out your tongue and do a rapid breath of fire for 1 min only. Inhela deeply, hold your breath, come into a sitting position, stretch your hands upward, and release your breath.

3. For Those Times You Must Not Sleep

Train yourself to relax your mind and body so you can fall into sleep in Baby Pose for 5 minutes. This conscious nap can enable you to work for longer hours.

These exercises are from the book Physical Wisdom. Each exercise is an individual technique that may be practiced on its own, and not intended to be a yoga set.

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