Kundalini Awakening

Kundalini is an energy that resides at the base of the spine. We awaken this energy which is dormant by practising Kundalini Yoga. We mix the prana and apana below the navel point using bandhas (locks). There are three locks that are an essential part of the process: Mul Bandh, Uddiyana Bandh and Jalandhara Bandh. When we apply them together we use the Maha Bandh. They all help to direct the flow of prana and apana. This generates powerful physical heat called Tapa.

When Kundalini energy awakens it starts to rise through the body, opening the chakras as it moves in a snake-like shape. The ability to maintain or access this union gives spiritual liberation and culminates in fully awakened Kundalini energy. For Kundalini to be awakened, we need to prepare the body and mind. Sometimes however, Kundalini rising can occur involuntarily if a person goes through fasting, stress, trauma, drugs or near death experiences. Such an unexpected experience can be traumatic, so it is important to cultivate this energy wisely and consciously.

As we remove the stored blockages of energy, the movement could result in intense experiences, hence the need to prepare the nervous system and our mind to go through it. Some experience a state of bliss and immeasurable happiness, others go through a state of fear and uncontrolled energy release.

On a more visual level, the journey the energy travels is starts from the navel down to the muladhara chakra (root chakra) up the sushumna or the central channel along the spine, and from there to the top of the head at the sahasrara or the crown chakra. This makes a double loop at the throat and descends back down through the heart, navel, and root chakras and returns to the original position.

The arousing of Kundalini is said by some to be the one and only way of attaining Divine Wisdom. The awakening of Kundalini shows itself as “awakening of inner knowledge” and brings with it pure joy, pure knowledge, and pure love.