Detoxifying Green Smoothie

This is one of the best detox smoothies so far!

Packed full of healthy nutrients that will cleanse you from the inside out.

1 Avocado

1 Handful of Spinach

1/3 Cucumber

1 Green Apple

1/2 Lemon Juice

1 Cup Water


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  • Margarita Miteva 11 months ago

    This is the best smoothie I have ever tasted!
    First tried it during my 40 Day Green Detox with Kundalini Yoga. It is now an essential part of my diet. You can have it for breakfast or lunch.
    Very nice with some ground pumpkin seeds or flaxseeds.
    You can also add some fresh dill, mint, parsley or coriander. But don’t add all of them. Just one fresh herb at a time please.
    Enjoy! It is very nutritious and absolutely delicious ?!

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