3 Steps to To Inner Peace

Welcome to this moment. Rest the body and the breath. You may experience life in chaos at times. It shows up [...] Read More

Yogi Bhajan’s Celery Pancake Recipe

Celery Pancakes Pancakes made with celery may sound unusual, but wait until you taste them! They will purify your blood […]

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November Numerology – Eleven Eleven — Surrender is Sweet Victory

The number Eleven is a mystical number. The armistice that ended World War One in 1918 (almost one hundred years […]

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Feeling stuck? Perhaps it is time to acknowledge and support your digestive system. Although I agree with the saying, ‘You […]

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Yogi Cookies Recipe

Try these incredibly nutritious and almost guilt-free cookies next time you want a sweet treat! 1 cup whole wheat flour […]

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Ms. Whiz: A Breakfast Drink for Women

This is a great breakfast drink for women, rich in potassium, iron, oils and the alkaline qualities of chlorophyll to keep you […]

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Using Your Radiance to Attract Abundance

“When you understand who and what you are, your radiance projects into the universal radiance and everything around you becomes […]

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Fire Element, Part II: Aspects of the Heart

Pranayama, especially slowing the breath down (for example, one-minute breath) and aerobic exercise help to break through the entrapments of […]

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The Complexity of the Heart

Elation “When the essences and the qi together block the heart there is elation” (Translation of Suwen chapter 2. Elizabeth […]

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Water Energy, Part 4

  Patterns of Kidney Health Problems Common patterns are ones of deficiency; Kidney deficiency associated with lung problems; sighing, shortness […]

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Guidance for July

Monthly Guidance Inspired by the Sikh Gurus, the 10 Spiritual Bodies and the Essence of Numbers July: Number 7 – […]

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Mineral Balance Tonic

This nutritious and satisfying drink alkalizes the blood – drink often for optimal health! Ingredients: 6 prunes 6 figs handful […]

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