Marc Jackson Burrows

Marc Jackson Burrows

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I first started on the path to waking up in ’97, my Aunt, renowned psychic June Lockhart had been studying Kundalini yoga at ashrams in India with her friend Desmond Winfield, they had learnt a technique to raise the Kundalini energy by a process called ‘Shakti Pat’. They came back and set up the Kundalini Foundation for Self Realisation based out in Oxford. I attended four residential meditation retreats practising Kundalini meditation and self analysis. It was a process of waking up to new possibilities. I have a degree in Quantum mechanics so I have built my spiritual understanding on empirical scientific evidence and then taking steps of faith based on experience and knowing. There is so much amazing knowledge out there to inspire us, I have been on a journey of books and meditation, I now feel I have opened up to a place where life makes sense within the field of energy from which we experience. Who knew that a little thought in your head has such infinite potential. Meanwhile I have been having an extraordinary journey with music, I have remixed almost every big artist, over 70 no.1s in the UK and US and DJed in some of the most ridiculous places around the world. I am now writing for film and TV, there is always an intention of joy and healing in the music which has most certainly contributed to the success of our music in nightclubs, radio and TV. (www.marcjb.com) Healing is something I feel greatly drawn to, I have started my journey with Reiki and I am filled with excitement with whatever is to come.

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