Susannah Makram

Susannah Makram

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Susannah Makram is Osteopath and Naturopath and the founder of the Functional Healthcare Group. Susannah completed her undergraduate and clinical training at The University of Westminster where she obtained her First Class Honours Degree and Diplomas. 10 years experience in the private healthcare industry has seen Susannah, treating, teaching and prescribing osteopathy for back and neck pain and applied nutritional therapy. Recognised as a leader in complementary health and functional medicine in the UK, Susannah evaluates and treats with a focus on delivering the highest expression of individual health. This approach is founded in the functional medicine healthcare model that Susannah is pioneering in the UK and developing continuously to guarantee that all investigations and evaluations lead to treatment and the best care. The pathophysiology of disease is well understood by the osteopathic profession. Susannah uses her background in pain medicine to correctly identify and treat the cause of inflammation or illnesses that may be chronic or complex, that may lead to disease that is seemingly irreversible. Symptoms include: stubborn fat or weight gain, unexplained male and female infertility, chronic fatigue, pain, hair loss or thinning and skin conditions such as premature signs of ageing, lesions, acne, itching etc. Susannah is the founder of the Functional Healthcare Group. www.susannahmakram.com

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