Dr. Naveen Kumar Gupta

Dr. Naveen Kumar Gupta

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Dr. Naveen Kumar Gupta is the embodiment of traditional Indian medicine. He was born in 1960 in Delhi and started studying Ayurveda when he was 16 years old. In 1983 he received his well-deserved Bachelors diploma in Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery with Honours and distinctions in all clinical subjects. In 1984 the Central Council of Indian Medicine awarded him the titles “Vaidaya” and “Acharya”. While the first one – “Vaidya” – refers to all certified Ayurvedic Doctors, who are practicing the Ayurvedic System of Medicine and Surgery, the second title – “Acharya” – is given only to people recognized as Gurus, Masters, Lecturers and Professors in the Ayurvedic System. Being a sign of respect and recognition, by this time “Acharya” was already used by Dr. Gupta’s students and clients to address him. Dr. Naveen Gupta has a profound knowledge of the classical Ayurvedic texts. He is a Sacred Ayurveda Herbalist, Ayurveda Product Developer and Researcher in Ayurveda History. He specializes in Nadi Vijnana - Pulse diagnosis, Marma Shastra and Panchakarma therapy. He is also a perceptive Ayurveda Medical Astrologer and Counselor, expert in Jyotish Veda. His understanding of the ancient Vedanta philosophy of Cosmic Consciousness and Eternal Nature (“Purusha Prakriti” in Sanscrit) brings an innovative look towards the health challenges of our modern age. Dr. Naveen Gupta uses his in-depth theoretical schooling and research work in his practice in the holistic health field. His affectionate and kind attitude towards all his students and patients has won their love and respect.

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