Meher Singh

Meher Singh

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Meher Singh's journey to Kundalini Yoga started in 1999, as a complete drug addict, with no hope and no future. After trying everything to stop doing drugs, nothing seemed to work. It was the hand of God that brought Meher to Kundala rehab, a 12-step program based on Kundalini Yoga by Yogi Bhajan, and adopted by Guru Jiwan (Jacob Marshak). He doesn't remember his first days at Kundala; his body and mind were heavily injured after many years of abusing hard drugs. A miracle happened when Meher met Karta Singh. He started doing yoga everyday and it was working. Something started to happen, slowly but surely. After two years of practice, a teacher asked Meher if he could substitute teach his class. Though Meher had never thought of being a teacher, it just happened. In 2001, he went to Blois for his first European Yoga Fest and for ten years at the main kitchen, he served as executive masala spice manager. Many things happened afterwards: Meher finished 2 level TT with Karta Singh in France, he founded the Russian IKYTA with three others, and became a part of the European 3HO advisory board. In 2009, a Russian TV channel, JV, made Meher an offer to record Kundalini Yoga classes. They made 100 of them! These classes were broadcast across former USSR countries, introducing the great teachings of Kundalini Yoga to Russian people. The Kundalini Yoga community grew from 100 people in 2000, to approximately 10,000 people to date. Meher recently traveled across Russia, visiting more then 50 cities where he was taught Kundalini Yoga applications to modern life. In 2009, he established a company, Naad, Ltd., to organize Naad Yoga concerts. They hosted Snatam Kaur, Mirabai Ceiba, Mata Mandir Singh, Gurunam Singh, etc. Nowadays, Meher teaches regularly on-line http://merkulov.yoga in a nice, cozy and transcendent atmosphere. The past three years, he visited a sacred place of Russia, Altai mountain, where he hosted a special event called Teranam Journey. http://teranam.ru Meher shares that it feels like the power of that land wants us to be awakened. Meher is proud to keep in touch with such an incredible and universal Kundalini Yoga technology, which gave him another chance to be born again.

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