An Attitude of Gratitude and Giving Nourishes our Relationship with the Divine


Guru Ram Das, a great healer who understood the wounds of the human heart and also the longing the heart has to give, sits on the throne of Raj Yoga and was the spiritual teacher of Yogi Bhajan, the master of Kundalini Yoga. In his service to humanity, Guru Ram Das transformed takers into givers. And at any time, we can reflect on what we have to give and bring to the world.

Yogi Bhajan said that when we enquire deeply within the heart, we find all the answers to all of our questions. So we could make the same link to what we have to share with the world – that it is already sitting within our hearts, we just have to reach inside… like the bud which knows the moment in which to flower and bring forward its beauty and grace.

Being a giver connects us with the attitude of gratitude – we have the opportunity to thank the Divine Universal Spirit for all we receive. The challenge is whether we can accept it without measure, disappointment or complaint; accepting that what we are given is what we need (although not necessarily what the ego mind wants).

If we accept the Divine Universal Spirit is Love, then there is nothing given to us that isn’t given from, and of, love. And if we can remember this, then we keep the Divine in our remembrance in every moment which allows us to expand, experience abundance and create harmony in all things.

The end of a year offers an opportunity to consider what we’re ready to let go of and what new seeds we’d like to plant for the year to come. In light of the message of Guru Ram Das, we can do this while considering what we have to be grateful for and how we might share with others.

Let us dive deep into our hearts and cultivate an attitude of gratitude and giving. And in this way, we merge with the Divine who is the essence within us, who is ever giving, loving and true. Let’s make the closing of December a time to drop our complaints, let go of our disappointments, sacrifice what we don’t need and instead remember the Divine lives in all. Let’s open our hearts to each other and also let our own inner light shine in the world, inspiring others to do the same.

(edited from an article for the Guru Ram Das Project)

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