All We Need is Love


Although February is always associated with romantic love because of Valentine’s Day, this month we are celebrating love in its all forms- love of family and friends, unconditional love, universal love and the love of the ‘self’. 

Yogi Bhajan said, “Love is the ultimate state of human behavior where compassion prevails and kindness rules.”. When we view love from the higher perspective that Yogi Bhajan described, we can probably all agree that we need more of it. The world needs more of it! We have the power to cultivate more love in our lives, and love has the power to change the world.

Here are some of the practices that will bring you back to center and open your heart, therefore, helping you invite more love into your life and radiate more love out into the world around you.


Meditation to Open the Heart with Mariya Gancheva: This meditation is a great way to attract love into your life by working on the fourth chakra. It will help you to raise your vibration and attract true love in your life. Start with 3 minutes and build up slowly to 31 minutes over 40 days and you will really see the benefit. You will meet like-minded people, you will become more compassionate, you will find love. Trust in the process.


What is love with Shiv Charan Singh and Satya Kaur: Kundalini master Shiv Charan Singh takes you on a journey of self-recognition which explains the process of love from the spiritual and energetic perspective of the Kundalini tradition. In this process, he explores the cultivated female traits of grace and encouragement. He also explores the primary traits of the male as protector and technician that meets the organic mothering female and needs her intuitive clarity to awaken and be uplifted by. Shiv helps us recognize the paradoxical nature of love, and separate worldly contracts from divine contracts.

meditation to heal a broken heart

Meditation to Heal a Broken Heart with Harriet Emily: This short meditation is great to heal the emotional wounds of the heart, calm the nervous system, and promote the practice of future emotional self-care. The mudra used in the meditation creates balance. It generates a subtle pressure which adjusts the heart meridian along the little finger and outer forearm, activating the “action nerve” junction with the autonomic system to reset itself by keeping the forearms parallel to the ground and involving the armpit reflexes. It also uses the pranic influence of the middle finger and its Saturn and air qualities to quell residual emotional storms.

let go of stress

Power to the heart with Siri Jot Kaur: The positive talent of the heart center is compassion and humility. This meditation works to open your own heart center to these qualities so that we can live in the Aquarian age with a true love for ourselves and others.

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