About Us

As a practitioner and instructor of Kundalini Yoga, I created this online studio to share its amazing benefits. Join me on a wonderful and marvellous journey in which you will experience your true self and the joy of life.

In the past, I allowed the stresses in my life to consume me, and I spiralled down into a tightly wound ball of stress. My immune system was shattered, I suffered from insomnia, my stomach was full of nerves and I could hardly stop the self-critiquing chatter that was going on and on inside my head. Soon enough, I turned into a shadow of myself.

Then I found Kundalini. Suddenly beneath the hustling and bustling of the fast-paced City of London, I found my peace, my neutrality, my bliss. I had previously tried other forms of yoga, including Hatha, Ashtanga and Yin & Yang. But, the moment I tried Kundalini, I realised that it was a much more powerful and wholesome technique which immediately resonated with me. With regular practice, I became focused and connected to myself. The balance returned to my life. I felt healthier, happier and more whole.

Kundalini Yoga is designed to be easily incorporated into one’s daily life and does not require you to climb a mountain peak to meet a mystical yogi who will give you a sacred meditation to change your life. It is all here for you to experience.

I can truly relate with being overloaded by work and stress, and feeling as if you are constantly competing with time. However, to truly benefit from Kundalini, one needs to practice regularly, and build discipline. It is not a quick fix creating a one-time occurrence of a superhuman feeling. Regular practice removes old habits, subconscious patterns and blockages and replaces them with pure, infinite energy.

I have created this online studio for yoga meditations, breathing exercises, kriyas and full classes to suit anyone’s schedule. You can practice in as little as 3 minutes or as long as two hours. The benefits are tremendous, even within a limited time frame. This website is for people who want to develop a personal practice who cannot participate in a regular class, or who would like to practice at home, work, or when travelling. This site allows you to customise your experience by focusing on specific areas of development of your life. It is your journey, you choose the pace of your practice. It is also suitable for beginners wishing to learn the basic techniques before joining a regular class.

To share with you my passion and gratitude for these studies, I offer the yoga essentials for free. I believe everyone should have access to the benefits of Kundalini, regardless of financial standing. You can also purchase memberships for full access to the site.

I hope you enjoy this journey. May you come to peace with yourself, connect with infinite wisdom, and live in blissful happiness and true radiance.

Mariya Gancheva, Founder