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[toggle title=”What is the focus of Kundalini Yoga? What is the primary objective of the practice?”]

Kundalini literally means “the curl of the lock of hair of the beloved.” This poetic metaphor refers to the stream of energy and consciousness that exists within each of us, and enables us to unite with the universal Self. Fusing individual and universal consciousness creates a divine union, called yoga.
The primary objective of Kundalini Yoga is to awaken the full potential of your awareness. It helps you to recognize your awareness, cultivate it, and reach the next level of awareness – your unlimited Self.

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[toggle title=”How does Kundalini differ from other forms of yoga?”]

Kundalini is considered the most comprehensive of the yoga traditions, combining meditation, mantras, physical exercises and breathing techniques, among other features. It is called Raj Yog (or royal yoga), because it comprises all eight limbs of yoga into a singular practice to achieve absolute eminence. Also, because for a long time it was confined to royalty.

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[toggle title=”How long should I practice for each day?”]

Yogi Bhajan developed complete sets of exercises, consisting of the main Kundalini practices. These are called kriyas. They differ in length and complexity, so you can start with as little as 5 min a day. You can expect to experience bigger benefits as you increase your practice time. Remember, regularity is essential, so try to spend at least 5 min every day.

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[toggle title=”What are the benefits of Kundalini Yoga?”]

Because of the very nature of Kundalini Yoga, achieving spiritual goals through physical exercise, the benefits are numerous and intertwined. The body affects the mind and emotions, and vice versa.
Physical benefits include:
– A flexible spine;
– A strengthened core;
– Expanded lung capacity;
– Increased energy;
– Improved bone health.
Mental and emotional benefits:
– Reduced stress and improved memory;
– A calm and focused mind;
– Greater joy of life and happiness;
– Protection from negativity;
– Better relationships with all people.
These are only few of the benefits. We will let you discover the full range for yourself.

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[toggle title=”What should I wear during my practice?”]

Something comfi and loose, which makes you feel good. Yogi Bhajan recommended white clothing from natural materials such as cotton and linen. This will help your aura and energy flow. Always wear something to cover your shoulders and spine. This will assist the awakening, flow and distribution of Kundalini (the energy of Prana, which flows in patterns or channels called Nadis) up and down your back.

To learn more about the first Kundalini Yoga teacher go to Yogi Bhajan.
Kundalini Yoga is generally practiced barefoot.
You can use a blanket or a shawl to cover your body during the relaxation period at the end of your practice. Otherwise, you might feel cold.[/toggle]

[toggle title=”What does a typical Kundalini yoga structure include? How long does it take?”]

Usually a Kundalini yoga class starts with chanting for tuning in. Then are the pranayama and warming up exercises. The main part consists of set of asanas, which is called kriya. Then is time for deep relaxation, followed by meditation. To help you go back to your everyday activities, the session ends with some more chanting. The whole practice usually takes 40 to 60 min, but it can differ depending on the length of the particular kriya. When you practice at home, you can go for the classic Kundalini yoga structure, or you can change it according to your needs and preferences.

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[toggle title=”Do I need a teacher, or can I effectively practice on my own?”]

Especially if you are new, we recommend that you attend classes in person. Kundalini Lounge is perfect to help you complement these at home and while travelling, but we can also refer you to instruction by renowned teachers close to where you live or work.

If you already have experience, our videos include clear instructions, so you will find them easy to follow. We also recommend using an alignment mat just to be on the safe side.[/toggle]


[toggle title=”How does Kundalini Lounge work?”]

It’s easy to get started. Just make an account. Now you have your own personal virtual yoga lounge. There you can track your practice.
• Every video has an Add to Favourites button in the top right corner and your favourite videos will be instantly available in your virtual lounge.
• On the Teachers page you can follow the yogis who inspire you. In your virtual lounge, you will receive updates about their new videos and blog posts.
• You can also track all your viewed videos and see all the new stuff.
• Or book one-to-one sessions every time you need personal guidance.[/toggle]

[toggle title=”How do I watch my classes on my home TV?”]

Just buy an HDMI to USB cable and connect it to your laptop via your TV. Now enjoy this premium yoga experience.[/toggle]

[toggle title=”Help! I can’t log in.”]

Probably you are using a wrong username or password. Click on the lost password button and follow the instructions. Please check your SPAM BOX, if you can’t see our email in your inbox.[/toggle]

[toggle title=”How does the paid subscription with Kundalini Lounge work?”]

You register with your PayPal account, so all your payments are protected. This will set a monthly direct debit to Kundalini Lounge. Now you can enjoy all our quality videos and progress in your yoga quest. To save 20% (£30) of your membership plan, you can choose the annual payment of only £149.99.[/toggle]

[toggle title=”How do I cancel my Kundalini Lounge subscription?”]

To cancel your subscription and your direct debit you need to go to your PayPal account. This will guarantee that you won’t be charged by us any more.[/toggle]

[toggle title=”Why should I pay for access to Kundalini Yoga resources? Isn’t it about spiritual awakening?”]

Yes, Kundalini Yoga and this site are all about your spiritual awakening. That’s why I launched Kundalini Lounge website initially absolutely free of charge. It was my place to share my love for yoga. I didn’t even notice the moment, when it started developing by itself. I only witnessed the end result – it became much bigger than I could manage by myself.

Since 2009 I have met so many incredible teachers and I have learnt so much that I needed significantly bigger platform to share everything with you. Now I work with a team of specialists, and this is the reason why I made the premium membership paid. This gives me the opportunity to offer you a truly remarkable yoga experience. Sat Nam![/toggle]


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