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Sun in Sagittarius – Full and New Moons and Mercury Retrograde

Eager Sagittarius is ready to help us find meaning and gain a deeper understanding of ourselves and events in our […]

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Baddha Konasana: The Butterfly Pose

Excellent pose to strengthen and open the hips and groin? Come into a seated position on the floor. Bend the […]

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Affirmation and Meditation for Health, Wealth and Happiness

What Are You Telling Yourself? Our inner dialogue is an important aspect of the Gemini archetype. HOW do you talk […]

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self care breath kriya

Self-Care Breath Kriya

Self-care breath increases inner energy and strength, boosts the immune system, and cleanses the body. 1. Sit comfortably in a […]

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Detox Water Recipes

Delicious Detox Water Recipes to Cleanse Your Body Cucumber & Mint water When it comes to detox water, cucumber water […]

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Meditation to Alleviate Your Stress

This is an excellent meditation to wash the stress away. Enjoy this meditation in the evening after a long day […]

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Kundalini Yoga Poses for Neck & Shoulders

Neck Rolls: This exercise is great to release the tension in the neck and shoulders. It also increases blood flow […]

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Kundalini Yoga Techniques To Fight Fatigue

1. Singh Praan Mudra- Pose of victory to the four Corners of Infinity Sit on your heels with your arms […]

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Pranayama for Control of Metabolism

This is a very powerful pranayama for control of metabolism which helps to deal with compulsive eating habits. Sit in easy […]

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Green smoothie

Detoxifying Green Smoothie

This is one of the best detox smoothies so far! Packed full of healthy nutrients that will cleanse you from […]

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