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First Trimester Week 1

With Kwali Kumara

This wonderful set starts our journey and can be used throughout your pregnancy as a general warm-up and before any meditation. It’s week one so remember to take it easy, this first Trimester is the most delicate time so be sure to nurture yourself with good food and lots of rest…

The Seventh Chakra- Crown Chakra

For the Seventh (Crown) Chakra

With Harriet Emily

The seventh chakra, also known as the crown chakra, is located at the top of the head and is associated with the pineal gland, which is said to be the seat of the soul. The seventh chakra is the center for divine consciousness and our connection to the source, the Spirit…

open the heart centre with angad kaur

Open the Heart Centre

With Angad Kaur

This is a short and efficient kriya that starts with dynamic breath and movement to open the lungs, expand the heart, drop any emotional defensiveness. It then moves into a more meditative …


DETOX with Green Diet & Kundalini Yoga

Mariya’s New Book

Mariya’s new DETOX book is now out on Amazon in paperback and Kindle!  Search ‘Mariya Gancheva DETOX with Green Diet’ from wherever you are in the world and pick yourself up a copy.  Leave a review if you wish!

Clinically proven
to improve memory and
prevent Alzheimer


Embody Your Focus

An Online 8-Week Course with Roisin Kiernan


What are people saying about us

Feeling better

“I am finding that after 24 days of Kundalini yoga every day, I’m feeling better, without a doubt!. “

– Jennifer, KL member

Well-balanced energy

“I look forward to doing these sessions every day. Even when I have no energy, I go for it because the sense of wellbeing I feel afterwards is energizing to my spirit. A well-balanced energy that leaves me feeling calm and good.”

-Yamilka, KL member

Relaxed and motivated

“I’ve always shied away from Kundalini, but now I know there is benefit to becoming ultra relaxed and working with the breath.
I’ve seen an increase in my metabolism.”

-Nelly, KL member

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